11/21/22 – Notice to KCM® Participating Airlines

Effective Immediately:  

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has provided new guidance to the Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) staffing the Known Crewmember® (KCM® )Access Points.   TSOs are directed to advise crewmembers utilizing the KCM® access points of the following procedures that are not allowed.  

  • 1. Advise the crewmember/s that they: 
    • a. Are not allowed to carry property belonging to other individuals through the KCM® Access Point, 
    • b. Must not be in possession of any TSA-prohibited items, weapons, or firearms, 
    • c. May not access the sterile area through the KCM® access point if any portion of their travel itinerary includes personal international travel.
  • 2. If the crewmember/s indicates possession of the items above or personal international travel, the TSO will notify a Supervisory-TSO (STSO). The STSO must: 
    • a. Deny entry and inform the crewmember/s, as applicable, that they are not authorized through the KCM® access point. 
    • b. Direct the crewmember/s with personal international travel on their itinerary to the passenger screening checkpoint.

KCM® is a risk-based security program and the use of the KCM® program is a privilege and not a right. Therefore, KCM® eligible crewmembers are required to understand the KCM® Rules for Use and comply with these rules while using the KCM® access points. Failure to follow these rules could result in temporary or permanent loss of KCM® privileges. More egregious violations of the Code Federal Regulations (CFRs) could result in civil or criminal penalties.