6/23/20 – Notice to KCM® Participating Crewmembers

Due to the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19 on commercial airline service, many airline employees including crewmembers have taken an extended voluntary leave of absence.  The Known Crewmember Program® is a risk-based system that enables TSA security officers to positively verify the identity and employment status of active pilot and flight attendant crewmembers (i.e., flying the line). Crewmembers on short term disability, long term disability, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), military deployment, voluntary leave of absence, furlough, suspension, termination, retirement, or other leave of absence must be suspended or removed from the KCM® system. Upon returning to work, it is recommended that the crewmember contact their airline management or crew records department to see if your KCM® file has been reactivated. This will ensure your ability to use the KCM® system again.