6/29/22 – Notice to KCM® Participating Airlines

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recently provided Airlines for America (A4A) a briefing regarding crewmember compliance with the Known Crewmember Program (KCM) regulations. Over the past two and a half years (January 2020 – June 2022), the TSA continues to see a steady rate of KCM compliance violations in three main categories. 

1: Prohibited Items: Over this compliance period, the TSA has identified numerous prohibited items to include a significant number of loaded firearms. In some instances, the firearm was not discovered until a return segment in another domestic airport or in a foreign airport where firearms are not allowed in that country. Some crewmembers are still incarcerated in a foreign jail for illegal possession of an undeclared firearm. 

2: Other Person’s Property: The TSA continues to either observe or discover crewmembers bringing another person’s property through KCM access points. KCM may be used for the crewmember and their personal property only. 

3: Personal International Travel: TSA continues to observe and investigate cases of crewmembers using KCM while on personal travel to international locations. KCM regulations explicitly prohibit use for personal international travel.

As a result of these and other continuing compliance violations, the TSA is taking actions to improve compliance. Beginning in the coming weeks, crewmembers using KCM access points may experience Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) and Transportation Security Inspectors (TSIs) asking questions or reminding them about the KCM regulations.  Additionally, the TSA will be adjusting the rate of crewmembers randomly selected for physical screening by the KCM system based on crewmember compliance performance. Therefore, it is incumbent upon your KCM authorized crewmembers to remain vigilant and always comply with the KCM regulations. If you are not familiar with the KCM Rules for Use, they can be found here: https://www.knowncrewmember.org/rules/