Click on an airport code from the list below to view a map of KCM access point locations.

ABQ Location 1: Frosted Glass Door at the Passenger Screening Checkpoint – AB Gates Checkpoint; 0400-1830​​​​
ATL Terminal North: North Security Checkpoint Lane 6; 0530-1800
Main Checkpoint SAD desk: 1800-0530
International Terminal: International Departure Checkpoint; 0500-2300
AUS Checkpoint: Exit lane adjacent to passenger security checkpoint 2; 0400-2000
BDL ​​Location 1: Screening Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0430-1830
BNA Location 1: Employee Screening Checkpoint; 0400-1800
BOI Location #1: Central Checkpoint ADA Gate; 0400-2100
BOS ​​Terminal A: Security Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-2000 * 1930 on Saturdays
Terminal B North: Security Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-1900
Terminal B South: Security Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0345-1900
Terminal C: South Exit Lane; 0400-2000
BWI ​Pier B: Exit Lane; 0400-2100
Pier D: Exit Lane; 0400-2000
CAE Main Terminal: Courtesy Gate to Right of Checkpoint; 0430-2000
CHA Location 1: Exit Lane; 0430-2030​
CHS Main Checkpoint Access Door:  0430-2000​
CID ​Location 1: Checkpoint Exit Lane: 0400 – 2030
CLE Main Terminal: Central Exit Lane; 0400-2230
CLT ​Main Terminal: F Checkpoint Access Door Hallway, Behind Information Desk; 0430-2200
COS ​​​Location 1: Main Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-1900
CVG Main Checkpoint Access Door: 0430-2000
DAL ​Location 1: Main Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0415-2230 (0415-2100 on Saturdays)
DCA ​​Terminal A: 0430-0830 and 1230-1630
South Pier: 0430-1130 and 1300-1700
Center Pier: 0500-0900 and 1230-1630
North Pier: 0500-1030 and 1300-1700The procedures for Center Pier and Terminal A will be the same as North Pier.  KCM will operate in the exit lane;
TSA exit lane officer will escort non-uniformed KCM participants past the LEO desk.
DEN South Checkpoint: Security Checkpoint Door East of Checkpoint; 0000-2400
North Checkpoint: Security Checkpoint Door, East of Checkpoint; 0430-2100
DFW Terminal A: Checkpoint located fire door near checkpoint A12; 0430-2100
Terminal B:  ​B30 co-located with B30 checkpoint; 0500-1800
Terminal C: C17 Checkpoint Adjacent to Lane 1; 0430-2100
Terminal D: Adjacent to D22 checkpoint; 0500-2030
Terminal E: Co-Located at E16 KCM access door; 0400-2000 (effective 5/16/17)
DSM ​Location #1: Checkpoint Overflow Lane ADA Gate; 0400-2030
DTW McNamara Terminal: Westin Hotel, Gate Level; 0430-2030
North Terminal: TSA Checkpoint Next to Southwest Ticket Counter; 0400-2030
ELP ​Main Terminal: Consolidated Checkpoint; 0415-2200​
EUG Location 1: Direct Access Door; 0345-2000
EWR Terminal A: Security Checkpoint 1, 0500-1900
Terminal A: Security Checkpoint 2; 0400-2115
Terminal A: Security Checkpoint 3; 0500-1800
Terminal B: Security Checkpoint 1; 0400-2000
NOTE: A TSO may not always be present at locations in Terminal A/B. Please be patient and wait for a TSO to assist you or proceed to the passenger screening checkpoint for entry into the airport sterile area
Terminal C: Security Checkpoint 3 Exit Lane; 0400-2115
FLL Terminal 1: Corridor adjacent to checkpoint; 0400-2100​​
Terminal 2: Delta concourse exit lane; 0530-0730
Terminal 3: Direct Access Door adjacent to Central Exit Lane; 0400-2100
FNT ​Location 1:  Main Checkpoint; 0430-1930
GEG Location 1: A/B Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0415-2030
Location2: C Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0415-2030
GSO North Terminal: North Terminal Checkpoint; 0430-2030
South Terminal: South Terminal Checkpoint; 0430-2030
GSP Location 1:  Main Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-2000
HNL ​Main Terminal: Checkpoint 4 Exit Lane; 0515-2200
Note: ALL Crewmembers must clear US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Inspection at the USDA inspection station located
adjacent to the exit lanes prior to accessing the Known Crewmember access point.
HOU ​Location 1: Main Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0500-2230
IAD Main Terminal: Baggage Claim/Arrivals Level, Western Side Employee Checkpoint (adjacent to carousel #7); 0500-2100
Concourse C: Eastern Side FIS Checkpoint; 0600-2100
IAH Terminal A: A-North Checkpoint; 0415-1900
Terminal C: North Checkpoint; 0415-2200
Terminal E: Entry Near Lane 6 of Checkpoint; 0415-2400
ICT ​Location 1: Main Checkpoint; 0345-1900
IND Main Terminal: Checkpoint A, Adjacent to Lane A7; 0430-1945
JAN ​East Checkpoint: Exit Lane; 0430-1900
West Checkpoint: Exit Lane; 0430-1900
JAX Checkpoint: Exit lane adjacent to main passenger security checkpoint; 0400-2000
JFK Terminal 2: Alarm Exit Door Opposite Gate 20; 0430-2030
Terminal 4: Behind Sky Priority Area on Departure Level; 0400-2100
Terminal 5: Far Right Side of Main Checkpoint; 0400-2000
Terminal 7: East Checkpoint (right side of bldg. on departures level); 0530-1900
Terminal 8: Security Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-2100
LAS ​Terminal 1: Checkpoint A/B Exit Lane; 0400-2000
Terminal 1: “Little C” Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-2000
Terminal 3: East Side of Checkpoint; 0400-2000
LAX Terminal 1: Main Checkpoint, Between Lanes 2 and 3; 0500-2130
Terminal 2: Exit Lane at Main Checkpoint 0500-2130
Terminal 3: Exit Lane at Main Checkpoint 0400-0030
Terminal 4: Exit Lane at Main Checkpoint 0500-2130
Terminal 5: Exit Lane at Main Checkpoint 0500-2130
Terminal 6: Exit Lane at Main Checkpoint 0500-2130
Terminal 7: Exit Lane at Main Checkpoint 0500-2330
LGA Terminal A: Marine Air Terminal. Exit Lane: Coming soon! Go-live TBD.
Terminal B: Concourse A Checkpoint A; 0430-2030
Terminal B: Concourse B Checkpoint; 0430-2000
Terminal B: Concourse C Checkpoint; 0430-2000
Terminal B: Concourse D Checkpoint; 0430-2000
Terminal C: East Checkpoint Exit Door; 0430-2000
Terminal D: West Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0430-2000
LGB Location 1: Main Checkpoint; 0530-2200
LIT ​Main Checkpoint: Non-Operational Lane; 0430-1800
MCI ​​​Concourse B: Exit door #33; 0430-1900
Concourse B: Exit door #59; 0430-1930
Concourse C: Exit door  #61; 0430-1915
Concourse C: Exit door #79; 0430-2100
(no longer #76. Updated maps coming soon!)
Concourse C: Exit door  #84; 0430-1920
MCO East Security Checkpoint, B Side Entry; 0400-2100
West Security Checkpoint, B Side Entry; 0400-2130​
MDW Main Terminal: Main Checkpoint Employee Lane; 0430-1900
MEM ​Main Terminal: Checkpoint B Adjacent to Lane 1; 0430-2030
MHK Location 1: Main Checkpoint; 0500-1800
MIA Checkpoint D1: Screening Checkpoint Exit Lane AA/AE; 0500-2000
Checkpoint D2: 24-hours
Checkpoint D-FIS: 0400-2130
Checkpoint E: Passenger Screening Checkpoint; 0400-2230
Checkpoint G: Passenger Screening Checkpoint; 0330-2030
Checkpoint J-Central: 24-hours
MKE Concourse C: Exit Lane; 0400-2100
Concourse D: Exit Lane; 0400-2100
Concourse E: Exit Lane; 0400-2030
MLI Location 1: Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0415-2030​
MSP T1-Lindbergh: Bag Claim Level, North Checkpoint Exit (near aiport’s Door 1); 0000-2400 (open 24-hours)
T1-Lindbergh: Checkpoint 10 Exit Lane; 0530-2130
T2- Humphrey: Checkpoint 2 Exit Lane; 0500-2200
MSY Concourse B: Checkpoint B Exit Lane; 0400-2130
Concourse C: Checkpoint C Exit Lane; 0400-2200
Concourse D: Checkpoint D Exit Lane; 0330-2000
OAK ​Terminal 1: Main Checkpoint; 0400-0800; 1600-1800
Terminal 2: Main Checkpoint; 0500-0900; 1500-1700 NOTE: Please use phone to request a TSO when one is not present at the KCM access point.
OKC ​Location 1: East Security Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-1930
OMA Location #1: Terminal A Exit Lane; 0400 – 2000 hours (4am – 8pm)
Location #2: Terminal B Exit Lane; 0400 – 2000 hours (4am – 8pm)
ONT Terminal 2: Checkpoint (Right Side); 0430-0100
Terminal 4: Checkpoint (Right Side); 0430-2030
ORD Terminal 1: Councourse B, North End Exit Lane, Lower Level; 0445-2200
Terminal 2: Exit Lane Checkpoint 4A; 0430-1930
Terminal 3: Exit Lane Checkpoint 9; 0430-2200
ORF ​​Location 1: Checkpoint A ; 0345-2015
Location 2: Checkpoint B ; 0345-2015
PDX Location 1: A/B/C Exit Lane; 0400-2200
Location 2: D/E Exit Lane; 0000-2459
PHL Concourse A: Checkpoint Lane 8; 0400-1800
Terminal C: Adjacent to Exit Lane; 0415-2000
Terminal D/E: Terminal E Side, Adjacent to Lane 14; 0400-1800
Terminal F: Exit Lane; 0415-1900
PHX Terminal 2: Security Checkpoint, Employee Entrance; 0400-2200
Terminal 3: North Checkpoint; 0430-2200
Terminal 3: South Checkpoint; Closed for Remodeling
Terminal 4: Checkpoint A Exit Lane; 0500-2200
Terminal 4: Checkpoint B Exit Lane; 0500-2045
Terminal 4: Checkpoint D Exit Lane; 0415-2030
PIT Main Terminal: Adjacent to North Exit Lane; 0400-2000
RDU ​Terminal 1: Security Checkpoint; 0400-2000
Terminal 2: Security Checkpoint; 0400-2000
RNO ​Terminal 1: By-Pass Door at Main Checkpoint; 0415-2215
SAN ​Terminal 1: East, P1; 0500-2100
Terminal 1: East, P2; 0500-1400
Terminal 1: West, P3; 0430-2200
Terminal 2: East, P5; 0430-2200
Terminal 2: West, P6; 0430-2230
SAT ​Location #1: Terminal A Exit Lane; 0400-1800
Location #2: Terminal B Exit Lane; 0400-1800
SDF Main Security Checkpoint Exit Lane: 0430-2100
SEA ​​Concourse A: Exit Lane; 0400-2300
Concourse D: Checkpoint 5 (Entrance behind ticket counter at North End); 0400-2200
SFO Terminal 1 Pier B KCM access point relocated to the exit lane effective 10/19/16.  Same hours, KCM signage & connectivity​.
Terminal 2 Checkpoint D relocated to right side of corridor leading to Employee Checkpoint effective 4/26/17. Same hours,
signage & connectivity.
Terminal 1: Pier B Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0430-0030
Terminal 1: Boarding Area C Checkpoint; 0400-0100
Terminal 2: Employee Checkpoint; 0430-0030
Terminal 3: Boarding Area F Checkpoint, Near Door 8; 0430-0030
International Terminal: Boarding Area A Checkpoint, on call when checkpoint is open; 0500-0100
SJC ​Terminal A: Main Checkpoint Lane 8; 0430-2300
Crewmembers enter First Class Lane to KCM access point
Terminal B: Checkpoint North Lane; 0430-2100
SLC Terminal 1: Security Checkpoint Direct Access Door; 0430-1900
(KCM may be available on demand after 1900 by ringing the bell at this access point, subject to TSA staff resources)
SMF Terminal A: Exit Lane; 0400-0800
Terminal B: Exit Lane; 0400-0030​
SNA Terminal B: Security checkpoint; 0500-2100
STL Terminal 1: Concourse A Exit Lane; 0400-2000
Terminal 1: Concourse C Exit Lane; 0400-2030
Terminal 2: Concourse E Exit Lane; 0400-2000
TUS ​Terminal 1: Alpha Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0430-2100
Terminal 2: Bravo Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0345-1830
XNA Location 1: Main Checkpoint L/H side swing gate; 0430-2000