Notice to Known Crewmembers

On August 30, 2019, TSA announced new crewmember identification requirements. Effective Friday, September 6,  2019, the requirements are:

  • If the crewmember is wearing a uniform, the crewmember must present, as they do now:
    • A non-expired government-issued photo ID; and
    • An aircraft operator-issued crewmember photo ID
  • If the crewmember is not wearing a uniform, the crewmember must present:
    • A non-expired government-issued photo ID;
    • An aircraft operator-issued crewmember photo ID; and
    • A third form of identification, either:
        • A valid FAA Airman’s Certificate
        • A valid FAA Flight Attendant Certificate of Proficiency; or
        • A second non-expired government-issued photo ID

Notice to Known Crewmembers Regarding Unpredictable Screening Procedures (USP)

Effective August 27, 2019, KCM-authorized enhancement to Unpredictable Screening Procedures (USP) will be enabled. This enhancement will include retention of the Crewmember selection for USP for a period of time at all KCM access points in that airport. NOTE: If the selected Crewmember exits the sterile area and attempts to reenter through a KCM access point during this time period, they will continue to be identified for USP.


The Known Crewmember® (KCM) program is a joint initiative between Airlines for America (A4A) and the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA).KCM ties airline employee databases together in a seamless way and enables Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security officers to positively verify the identity and employment status of crewmembers. This enhanced process leverages current technology to provide an effective and cost-efficient solution.

ALPA and the A4A met in late March 2011 with TSA Administrator John S. Pistole and received TSA approval to install and test Known Crewmember® at as many as seven U.S. hub airports. This enhanced identity-verification and employment-confirmation system for airline pilots will make airport checkpoint screening more efficient for all who depend on air transportation by removing airline pilots from passenger screening lines. The Department of Homeland Security and the White House also have given their approval for KCM.

In May 2007, the TSA approved the first version of an alternate screening method called the Crew Personnel Advanced Screening System (CrewPASS). CrewPASS has been used successfully at three East Coast airports—Baltimore/Washington International (BWI), Pittsburgh International (PIT) and Columbia (S.C.) Metropolitan (CAE)—for almost three years.

Questions or feedback by flight crew should be directed to your respective airline.

For information about the Known Crewmember® program, please contact us at: info@knowncrewmember.org