3/17/20 – KCM Participating Airline AOSCs,

Due to the rapid changes caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)  is directing Federal Security Directors to implement measures to maintain continuity of business. These measures could include some changes to the operation of Known Crewmember Program (KCM) access point locations. Crewmembers should expect periodic closures of KCM access points without notice. If KCM access points are closed, the TSA will accommodate crewmembers at TSA PreCheck locations where available or at standard passenger screening lanes. The TSA is taking measured steps and following CDC recommended guidance to preserve the health and safety of Transportation Security Officers (TSOs), airline/airport employees and the traveling public during this unprecedented time.

To view by airport code, see list below.
Click on an airport code from the list below to view a map of KCM access point locations.

ABQ Location 1: Frosted Glass Door at the Passenger Screening Checkpoint – AB Gates Checkpoint; 0400-1800​​​​
ANC Location 1: Main Checkpoint; Static staffing 0430-0630 & 2200-0000 / Dynamic 24/7
ATL Terminal North: North Security Checkpoint Lane 6; 0530-1800
South Checkpoint: 0500-2100
Main Checkpoint SAD desk: 2100-0500
International Terminal: International Departure Checkpoint; 0500-2300
ATW Location 1: Exit Lane KCM Podium; 0400-1815
AUS Checkpoint: Exit lane adjacent to passenger security checkpoint 2; 0400-1930
BDL ​​Location 1: Screening Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0430-1830
BHM ​​Location 1: Main Checkpoint; 0430-0600 & 1500-1600
BIS ​​Location 1: Main Checkpoint, ADA gate next to PreCheck Lane; 0400-2000
BNA Location 1: Employee Screening Checkpoint; 0400-1800
BOI Location #1: Bypass Hallway adjacent to Checkpoint; 0400-0800;
Moves to Central Checkpoint; 0800-2100
BOS ​​Terminal A: Security Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-2000 * 1930 on Saturdays
Terminal B North: Security Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-1900
Terminal B South: Security Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0345-1900
Terminal C: Left (North) of JetBlue ticket counter at the glass door; 0400-2000
BTV Location 1: Security Checkpoint South – Exit Lane; 0400-1800
BWI ​Pier B: Exit Lane; 0400-2100
Pier D: Exit Lane; 0400-2000
CAE Main Terminal: Courtesy Gate to Right of Checkpoint; 0430-2000
CHA Location 1: Exit Lane; 0430-2030​
CHS Main Checkpoint Access Door:  0430-2000​
CID ​Location 1: Checkpoint Exit Lane: 0400 – 2030
CLE Main Terminal: Central Exit Lane; 0400-2230
CLT ​Main Terminal: F Checkpoint Access Door Hallway, Behind Information Desk; 0430-2200
CMH Effective 6/23/18
Location 1: Exit Lane A Concourse; 0400-0700 & 1500-1800
Location 2: Exit Lane B Concourse; 0400-0700 & 1500-1800
Location 3: Lane #4 C Concourse; 0400-0700 & 1500-1800
COS ​​​Location 1: Main Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-1900
CRP ​​​Location 1: Exit Lane Main Checkpoint; Same hours as passenger screening checkpoint
CVG Main Checkpoint Access Door: 0430-2000
DAL ​Location 1: Main Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0415-2230 (0415-2100 on Saturdays)
DCA ​​Terminal A: 0500-2000
South Pier: 0500-2000
Center Pier: 0500-2000
North Pier: 0500-2000
The procedures for Center Pier and Terminal A will be the same as North Pier.  KCM will operate in the exit lane;
TSA exit lane officer will escort non-uniformed KCM participants past the LEO desk.
DEN South Checkpoint: Security Checkpoint Door East of Checkpoint; 0000-2400
North Checkpoint: Security Checkpoint Door, East of Checkpoint; 0430-2100
DFW Terminal A: Checkpoint located fire door near checkpoint A12; 0430-2100
Terminal B:  ​B30 co-located with B30 checkpoint; 0430-1900
Terminal C: C17 Checkpoint Adjacent to Lane 1; 0400-2100
Terminal D: Adjacent to D22 checkpoint; 0500-2030
Terminal E: Between E16/E17 on upper level; 0400-2000
DSM ​Location #1: Checkpoint Overflow Lane ADA Gate; 0400-2030
DTW McNamara Terminal: Westin Hotel, Gate Level; 0530-2030
North Terminal: TSA Checkpoint Next to Southwest Ticket Counter; 0400-2030
ELP ​Main Terminal: Consolidated Checkpoint; 0415-2200​
EUG Location 1: Direct Access Door; 0345-2000
EWR Terminal A: Security Checkpoint 1, 0500-1900
Terminal A: Security Checkpoint 2; 0400-2115
Terminal A: Security Checkpoint 3; 0500-1800
Terminal B: Security Checkpoint 1; 0400-2000
NOTE: A TSO may not always be present at locations in Terminal A/B. Please be patient and wait for a TSO to assist you or proceed to the passenger screening checkpoint for entry into the airport sterile area
Terminal C: Security Checkpoint 1 Exit Lane; 0400-2115
FAI Location 1: Main Checkpoint; 0345-0130​​
FAR Location 1: Main Checkpoint, ADA gate next to PreCheck Lane; 0400-2100​​
FLL Terminal 1: Corridor adjacent to checkpoint; 0400-2100​​
Terminal 2: Delta concourse exit lane; 0430-1700
Terminal 3: Direct Access Door adjacent to Central Exit Lane; 0400-2100
FNT ​Location 1:  Main Checkpoint; 0430-1930
GEG Location 1: A/B Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0415-2030
Location2: C Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0415-2030
GPT Location 1: Exit Lane Main Checkpoint; 0415-1800
GRB Location 1: Concourse A Checkpoint; 0415-1945
Location 2: Concourse B Checkpoint; 0415-1730
GRR Location 1: Next to the TSA PreCheck Lane; 0400-2000
GSO North Terminal: North Terminal Checkpoint; 0430-2030
South Terminal: South Terminal Checkpoint; 0430-2030
GSP Location 1:  Main Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-2000
HNL ​Terminal 1: Checkpoint 4 Exit Lane; 0515-2200 (Current Location)
Terminal 1: Central Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0415-2200 (New Location)
Note: ALL Crewmembers must clear US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Inspection at the USDA inspection station located
adjacent to the exit lanes prior to accessing the Known Crewmember access point.
HOU ​Location 1: Main Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0500-2230
HSV ​Location 1; 0400-1900
IAD Main Terminal: Baggage Claim/Arrivals Level, Western Side Employee Checkpoint (adjacent to carousel #7); 0400-2100
Concourse C: Eastern Side FIS Checkpoint; 0600-2200
IAH Terminal A: A-North Checkpoint; 0415-1900
Terminal B: Employee Checkpoint Lane; 0415-2400
Terminal C: North Checkpoint; 0415-2200
ICT ​Location 1: Main Checkpoint; 0345-1900
ILM ​Location 1: Exit Lane; 7 days a week, 0400-1930 (or last departure)
IND Main Terminal: Checkpoint A, Adjacent to Lane A7; 0430-1945
ISP Location 1: Main Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-2100
IWA ​Location 1: Westside (Right) of the rental car podiums; 0400-Close (Open during passenger screening checkpoint hours)
JAC ​Location 1: Main Checkpoint access door right side; 0500-1830 peak season summer/winter, 0500-1600 spring/fall
JAN ​East Checkpoint: Exit Lane; 0430-1900
West Checkpoint: Exit Lane; 0430-1900
JAX Checkpoint: Exit lane adjacent to main passenger security checkpoint; 0400-2000
JFK Terminal 2: Alarm Exit Door Opposite Gate C68; 0600-2000
Terminal 4: Behind Sky Priority Area on Departure Level; 0430-2100
Terminal 5: Far Left Side of Main Checkpoint; 0330-2300
Terminal 7: West Checkpoint (left side of bldg. on departures level); 0530-1900
Terminal 8: Security Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-2100
LAS ​Terminal 1: Checkpoint A/B Exit Lane; 0400-2400
Terminal 1: “Little C” Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-2400
Terminal 3: East Side of Checkpoint; 0400-2400
LAX T1: West end of checkpoint. Corridor adjacent to passenger queue; 0330-2100
T1.5: Left side of checkpoint, northwest of area; 0415-0045
T3: Right side of checkpoint, past TSA Pre-Check entrance; 0400-0055
TBIT: Left side of checkpoint, west end; 0430-0130
T4: Exit Lane; 0345-0000
T5: Exit Lane; 0400-0100
T6: Exit Lane; 0400-2230
T7: Exit Lane; 0345-0100
LGA Terminal A: Marine Air Terminal. Exit Lane; 0400-2000
Terminal B: Main Checkpoint corridor adjacent to lane 1; 0400-2000
Terminal C: East Checkpoint Exit Door; 0400-2000
Terminal D: West Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-2000
LGB Location 1: Main Checkpoint; 0530-2200
LIT ​Main Checkpoint: Non-Operational Lane; 0430-1800
LNK Location 1: North Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-1815
Location 2: South Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-1715
MCI ​​​Concourse B: Exit door #33; 0430-1900
Concourse B: Exit door #59; 0430-1930
Concourse C: Exit door  #61; 0430-1915
Concourse C: Exit door #79; 0430-2100
(no longer #76. Updated maps coming soon!)
Concourse C: Exit door  #84; 0430-1920
Gate 88: 0330-2000
MCO West side of terminal “A” Checkpoint; 0400-2100
MDT Location 1: Main Checkpoint; 0345-2015
MDW Main Terminal: Main Checkpoint Employee Lane; 0430-1900
MEM ​Main Terminal: Checkpoint B Adjacent to Lane 1; 0430-2030
MFR ​Location 1: Emergency egress doors adjacent to checkpoint; 0315-2100
MHK Location 1: Main Checkpoint; 0500-1800
MHT Location 1: Adjacent to Lane 1 in main checkpoint; 0400-2230
MIA Checkpoint D1: Screening Checkpoint Exit Lane AA/AE; 0500-2000
Checkpoint D2: 24-hours
Checkpoint D-FIS: 0400-2130
Checkpoint E: Passenger Screening Checkpoint; 0400-2230
Checkpoint G: Passenger Screening Checkpoint; 0330-2030
Checkpoint J-Central: 24-hours
MKE Concourse C: Exit Lane; 0400-2100
Concourse D: Exit Lane; 0400-2100
MLI Location 1: Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0415-2030​
MSN Location 1: Checkpoint Bravo (South checkpoint near Door 1 curbside); 0400-1930​
MSP T1-Lindbergh: South Checkpoint KCM Portal (behind Delta ticket counter); 0400-2100
T1-Lindbergh: Checkpoint 10 KCM Portal; 0715-1200 (Mon – Fri only)
T2- Humphrey: Checkpoint 2 KCM Portal; 0400-2030
MSY Main Terminal: Level 2; 0345-2200
OAK ​Terminal 1: Main Checkpoint; 0400-0800; 1600-1800
Terminal 2: Main Checkpoint; 0500-0900; 1500-1700 NOTE: Please use phone to request a TSO when one is not present at the KCM access point.
OKC ​Location 1: West Security Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0400-1930
OMA Location #1: Terminal A Exit Lane; 0400 – 2000 hours (4am – 8pm)
Location #2: Terminal B Exit Lane; 0400 – 2000 hours (4am – 8pm)
ONT Terminal 2: Checkpoint (Left Side); 0400-0100
Terminal 4: Checkpoint (Left Side); 0400-0100
ORD Terminal 1: Lower Level, South End Exit Lane; 0415-2200
Terminal 2: Exit Lane Checkpoint 4A; 0415-1930
Terminal 3: Exit Lane Checkpoint 9; 0400-2200
Terminal 5: Exit Lane Checkpoint 10; 0415-2030
ORF ​​Location 1: Checkpoint A ; 0415-2015
Location 2: Checkpoint B ; 0415-2015
PDX Location 1: A/B/C Exit Lane; 0400-2200
Location 2: D/E Exit Lane; 0000-2459
PHL Concourse A: Checkpoint Lane 8; 0400-1800
Terminal C: Adjacent to Exit Lane; 0415-2000
Terminal D/E: Terminal E Side, Adjacent to Lane 14; 0400-1800
Terminal F: Exit Lane; 0415-1900
PHX Terminal 2: Security Checkpoint, Employee Entrance; 24 Hours Daily
Terminal 3: North Checkpoint; 0430-2200
Terminal 3: South Checkpoint; Closed for Remodeling
Terminal 4: Checkpoint A Exit Lane; 0500-2200
Terminal 4: Checkpoint B Exit Lane; 0500-2045
Terminal 4: Checkpoint D Exit Lane; 0415-2030
PIE Location 1: Alpha Checkpoint, lane next to PreCheck; 0400-2100
Location 2: Bravo Checkpoint, lane next to PreCheck; 0400-2100
PIT Main Terminal: Adjacent to North Exit Lane; 0400-2000
PVD Location 1: Main Checkpoint; 0400-1800
RDM ​Location 1: Travel Document Checker (TDC) podium @ passenger screening checkpoint; 0345-1900
RDU ​Terminal 1: Security Checkpoint; 0400-2000
Terminal 2: Security Checkpoint; 0400-2000
RNO ​Terminal 1: By-Pass Door at Main Checkpoint; 0415-2215
SAN ​Terminal 1: East, P1; 0500-2100
Terminal 1: East, P2; 0500-1400
Terminal 1: West, P3; 0430-2200
Terminal 2: East, P5; 0430-2200
Terminal 2: West, P6; 0430-2230
SAT ​Location #1: Terminal A Exit Lane; 0400-1800
Location #2: Terminal B Exit Lane; 0400-1800
NOTE: There is no connector between Terminal A & B. Please choose the correct location when accessing the airport sterile area.
SAV ​Location #1: Main Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0415-2015
SDF Main Security Checkpoint Exit Lane: 0430-2100
SEA KCM North: Portal/Security 5 checkpoint; 0400-2200​​
KCM South: Exit Lane; 0400-2330
SFB ​Location 1: Terminal B, 2nd Floor; 0400-1900
SFO Terminal 1: Pier B Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0430-0030
Terminal 1: Boarding Area C Checkpoint; 0400-0100
Terminal 2: Employee Checkpoint; 0430-0030
Terminal 3: Boarding Area F Checkpoint, Between Doors 8 & 9; 0430-0030
International Terminal Boarding Area A Checkpoint: on call when checkpoint is open; 0500-0100
SGF Location 1: Direct Access Door, right side of Main Checkpoint; 0345-2000
SJC ​Terminal A: Main Checkpoint Lane 8; 0430-2300
Crewmembers enter First Class Lane to KCM access point
Terminal B: Checkpoint North Lane; 0430-2100
SJU ​Location 1: Central Checkpoint adjacent to PreCheck lane; 0400-1600
SLC Terminal 1: Security Checkpoint Direct Access Door; 24/7
SMF Terminal A: Exit Lane; 0400-0800
Terminal B: Exit Lane; 0400-0030​
SNA Terminal B: Security checkpoint; 0500-2100
SRQ Location 1: Main Checkpoint – Adjacent to Lane 1; 0400-2000
STL Terminal 1: Concourse A Exit Lane; 0400-2000
Terminal 1: Concourse C Exit Lane; 0400-2030
Terminal 2: Concourse E Exit Lane; 0400-2000
TPA Location 1: Airside A, Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0430-2200
Location 2: Airside C, Direct Access Door located adjacent to Checkpoint; 0345-2300
TUL ​Main Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0330-1900
TUS ​Terminal 1: Alpha Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0430-2100
Terminal 2: Bravo Checkpoint Exit Lane; 0345-1830
XNA Location 1: Main Checkpoint L/H side swing gate; 0430-2000