7/13/2016 – Notice on prohibited items and the transportation of firearms and ammunition

Plan ahead and know what you can pack before arriving at the airport by checking the Transportation Security Administration’s prohibited items list. Carrying prohibited items may cause delays for you and other travelers, but they may also lead to fines and sometimes even arrest.

Crewmembers may transport unloaded firearms in checked baggage if they are transported in a locked, hard-sided container and declared to the airline before traveling. Read the requirements for transporting firearms and ammunition. In addition, local and state governments, and other countries, may have their own rules on firearm possession or transportation. As a result, prohibited items may result in both a TSA civil enforcement action and a criminal enforcement action. Read about civil penalties for prohibited items​.

Before leaving home, remember to check your baggage to ensure you are not carrying any prohibited items to avoid a possible arrest and/or civil penalties.